Mother of two beautiful children, Mira decided to start this photography studio when she gave birth to her second child, her son.  She wanted to take as many photographs as she could of her children because they grow up so simply too fast.

Mira wanted to create a studio where she could do portrait photography, and have a wide range of props so that she could create different scenes and backgrounds to take photographs of children.

With our different acquired skills, we are able to offer a wide range of photography services. We are also trilingual and can offer our services in English, Japanese, or French.

Photographing children, especially babies and toddlers, can be challenging, but Mira will guide you and your family so that we can take the best possible shots!

For older children and adults, we will guide on you posing and advise you on clothing so we can take beautiful portraits.

We can’t wait to photograph you, your family and your future children!

What Our Customers Say

Read a few of the testimonials from previous clients and see why they loved their photographs!

Thank you! They are so gorgeous. Thank you Mira! Such lovely photos.
MasaeCake Smash
SakiKids Photoshoot